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Hand Carved Boxes 

Each box is handcrafted per order specifically for you! The Exteriors are crafted out of Alder and we offer an option between four colors and four carvings as well as other options. Please see our options page for details and choices. The interiors of the boxes are made from Spanish cedar giving the boxes a beautiful wood smell and a elegant look. All boxes have a solid black granite bottoms. The boxes are approximately 14.5"  X 11.5" X 7". A Jewelry Box option is on its way!

Please visit our Etsy Shop to purchase

The Humidor

This elegantly handcrafted Humidor box is a beautiful way to store and display all your favorite cigars. The box itself has three slots with a built in humidifier and hydrometer. the Humidor will hold approximately 40-50 cigars depending on the size of your cigars.

The Pipe Box

The Pipe Box is a one of a kind place to hold your pipes and pipe tobacco. Each box holds five medium size pipes and comes with five tobacco tins and a place to write your custom label on each tin.You wont find a more classy way to store your pipes.

The Watch Box

The Watch Box is a classy way to store all your valuable wrist watches. Built to hold eight wrist watches ranging in all sizes and shapes. Watch Pillows are included as well as a sliding tray to hold all that loose change. Customs options are available for boxes that hold more watches, however custom pricing does apply.

The Poker Box

The Poker Box is the perfect idea for your guys poker night. The box holds over 200 chips and two decks of cards plus it has a built in cigar humidor that holds approximately 12-16 cigars depending on the size of the cigars. We can also make the Poker box without the humidor to hold more chips with no change to the price.

Choose a Carving

Choose a Distress

Choose a Color

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